Thursday, February 3, 2011

En Route to New Delhi

My disclaimer for my posts about India is this: 

I did not take any pictures.

I am so shocked and embarrassed at this fact. How could I Not take pictures on this trip? I know. I know. But in hindsight I do realize that with HOW busy it was and all the running around and managing both kids and myself and shopping and being ready for whatever I needed to do at each event, there was just no feasible way I could have and if i DID, I would have for sure lost my camera or my phone (which I use as my camera). Thank GOODNESS other people in my family took pictures which we all pretty much share as our memories from the trip. Honestly tho - pictures just don't do this trip justice. It is simply imprinted in my memory forever. 

That being said!! I took like 2-3 pictures of us on the way to the airport and before our trip began.

Here are the boys days before we left for our trip in a new double stroller we bought for the trip. They are cozy and cuddly and smushed in there with their winter gear. They're all bundled now but we were looking forward to frolicking on a beach in Goa soon!

Here are the boys as we landed in India at the airport, still bundled, off of a crazy 15 hour flight and just happy to have landed safely.

Usually when u land in the New Delhi Airport, it is a shock to the system that u are IN INDIA and it really feels like u are on the streets of India with an old outdated airport and people staring at u from all directions. However, when we landed this time, I was floored. I had NO idea the rennovations that took place but it was a proper international airport as if in any other country in Europe or the USA. It was beautiful and clean and organized. So much has been revamped for the better and it felt wonderful to land there and go through immigration seamlessly. What a difference it makes to begin a trip! I see the difference now. It makes u look forward to being there that much more. Really nice to see.
Here is a picture of Art you see as u walk to immigration in the airport. It is so beautiful and so striking, I was completely taken aback. I was so impressed by how put together everything was. I was reading up on it a bit and learned that the sculpture is of Indian hand gestures called mudras used in classical Indian dance. When constructing the new airport, they wanted something to represent their theme of "Expressive India" but avoid any sort of religious ideology. These mudras are represented in Buddhist art as well as in Southeast Asian art as well as used in much of yoga, which is a very worldly, secular activity and not just Indian per se. They were based off a female hand as well. There are 9 gestures in total and learning about them all is so enlightening. 


  1. I absolutely love Buddhist artwork too. Gorgeous and calming at the same time.

    Your boys are adorable. Is this their first time abroad? My son was 3 when we took him back to Thailand to visit family.

    Your boys look so cute in their new stroller. Is it a Baby Trend Expedition stroller? Tell me how you like it, especially navigating it around in India.

    Did you get any odd looks pushing it around?

  2. Thanks so much Amy. Asian themed art brings me such peace and I just loved walking into India (literally) looking at that. This is not my eldest son's first time abroad since we went to Spain last Dec and I was preggs at the time SO technically while my younger was in utero at the time, he still went abroad! :) Lots more to say about the stroller so let me email u about it. Thanks for coming by! :)